Our History


The founder of the firm is Abdullah Cabbaroğlu, who started his journey in the sector with journalism. His first encounter with printing business has been in 1966, Cihan Printing with a partner. This printing house has moved to Ankara in 1980’s and turned into a large scale business with 85-90 people. At the same time in 1979, Cabbaroğlu founded a new firm naming “Yazıt Matbaacılık Makine Sanayi” to import printing machinery to resell in the internal market. After 1080 devaluation, the import stopped and Yazıt Makina starts to produce compliamentary printing machinery. The products diversify and Yazıt Makina has become the prior in its field.

Yazıt Makina, with 35 years of experience, continiues work with 35 people in factory of 5000m2. The central and sales office of Yazıt Makina is located in Ankara, İskitler and the factory is also in Ankara, whereas a second office is in İstanbul, Topkapı. More than 40% of the machinery production of Yazıt Makina is exported to various countries. “Yazıt Makina” continues to produce the top quality machinery in Turkey.

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